• 川色の器
  • 桐のトレイ
  • あけびのトレイ
  • 紅花釉の器
  • くだものナイフ
  • 麻のラグ
  • 大きなマフラー
  • 刺し子のお守り
“Yama no Katachi” is a project launched by two young designers who live in Yamagata, Tohoku Region: Shuhei Shibayama and Osamu Suto. They visit many ateliers in Yamagata to talk with artisans and create modern “tools” that can make good use of the exceptional traditional techniques of those artisans.

Blessed with four distinct seasons that can be severe at times, people of Yamagata have learned a way to adjust their lifestyle according to the climate. “Yama no Katachi” is convinced that their wisdom and mentality to live side by side with nature will live on to the future and support the daily lives of all the people in the world.